– About vertex greentech –

Vertex Greentech, located in Guilin Guangxi, China, covers an area of 133,000 m².

Dedicated to developing innovative top-dyed yarns as well as premium and sustainable blended yarns with specially selected material, unique chromatic design and advanced spinning techniques, bringing inspiration and providing innovative and sustainable solutions to discerning customers.

Vertex Greentech keeps a focus on the development and manufacturing of new materials that are sustainable and functional with desirable performance. Its industry-leading equipment imported from Germany and Switzerland, together with its diverse special equipment and technical platforms enable the creation of a wide variety of esthetical, sustainable, functional, and comfortable products covering fiber, yarn and fabric.

Through inhouse innovation and synergy with strategic partners, it has created various crossover technical platforms designed for specialty products using diversified natural and functional fibers. With its differentiated color and pattern design, distinctive material blending, and exclusive structure compounding, it ensures the creation of versatile products that match the special needs of different customers. Being tech-driven, Vertex Greentech is committed to deliver the right product and value to our customers and thrive together.


– our productS –

Leveraging its expertise and experience, Vertex Greentech has been dedicated to developing diverse products delivering elevated performance of thermal regulation, moisture management, waterproofing, air permeability, odor control, anti-microbial and anti-virus. It also created novelty yarns including spray yarn, crochet yarn, core yarn, air cover yarn, air textured yarn etc. Together with recycled products and natural-dyed products, it creates unlimited possibilities for sustainable fashion.

We has created various crossover technical platforms

/ Sustainable Series /

Making wiser use of natural resources and exploring new environmentally friendly products in innovative ways to create a sustainable future in harmony with nature.

Recycled Yarn

Green Alternatives

/ Performance Series /

We specialize in bringing the unique fibers into the fusion product through exquisite blending process, so that the elevated functions can be maximized to meet the needs of daily life.

– Functions

Anti-virus & Anti-microbial

Comfort Stretch & Lightness

Flexibility & Abrasion Resistance

Thermo-Regulation & Anti-static

Breathable & Odor Control

Waterproofing & UV Protection

– Applications

Professional Training

Special Protection

Medical Protection

Recreational Sports


Campus & Commute

/ Premium Blends Series /

Bringing unique fibers into the fusion product through exquisite blending process, so that the elevated performance can be maximized to meet diversified needs from discerning customers.

/ Visual Series /

Creating leading and trend-setting color standards and heather effects.

Color is one of the elements that reflects beauty most, chromatic color always can inspire instantly enthusiastic yearning to people. Creating innovative heather colors and applying advanced top-dye spinning technology, Vertex Greentech proudly offers a range of yarn with unique textures to add a new dimension to the look and feel.

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Guilin Vertex Greentech Limited

No.1, Yongxing Road, Sitang Town, Lingui District Guilin City, Guangxi, P.R.C

General Line:+86 (773) 3138-222-ext(2011)

Hong Kong Sales Office

25/F, Eastern Central Plaza, 3 Yiu Hing Road, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

General Line:+852 2960-6588-ext(2011)

E-mail: sales@vertexgreentech.com

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